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Dice Captcha is a spammer stopper that will not annoy your users.

Dice Captcha offers the following benefits:
  • Top grade protection against form spamming
  • 100% free to download and use
  • Only $9.90 to remove any affiliation links for ever
  • Light weight and very easy to set-up
  • Comes with skins in different colors
  • The number of dice per captcha is customizable
  • Dynamic and will fit to any webpage(mobile too)
  • Fun to use!

In the year 1001 the Norseman Leif son of Eric the Red landed in Helluland in what now is the northeastern shore of Canada. This is refuted to be the first landing of a human from Europe on the American continent. Little do people know, however, that Leif never set to find America, but rather was after wine and women. Instead he landed on a rocky cold beach and was marooned there for two weeks due to bad winds. The time was passed by Leif and his man in carving makeshift wooden dice out of the debris on the shore and a dice game they called "Shagurla" ("hit the ugly bird" in ancient Vikingian). The game consisted of chucking the wooden dice at a now extinct local bird called "Nookunukku". The bored Vikings discovered that if hit by dice, the Nookunukku would jump a few steps according to the number on the face of the dice that hit it. The sailors would wage a bet on a number from 1 to six, chuck the dice at the huge congregation of birds and count the number of steps the bird that got hit would jump. The sailor that got it right picked the sum in the jackpot. The game ended abruptly one day when the sailors were attacked and chased off the shore by hundreds of crazed Nookunukku that had enough of "Shagurla". Scientists believe, however, that this game is the basis for what later developed into the famous dice game "Chuck-a-luck".