Dice Captcha FAQ

What is Dice Captcha?
Dice Captcha is an image-based captcha that provides all the benefits of a Captcha but in the form of a fun dice-game.

Why choose Dice Captcha and not one of the other gazillion Captchas out there?
Because unlike most other Captchas out there, Dice Captcha will provide you the protection you seek without annoying your users.

How does Dice Captcha Work?
Currently there are two simple and fun modes of operation:
Homo-sapiens Dice Captcha
Roll the dice - enter the sum of the digits - congrats! You can add numbers
All-the-rest Dice Captcha
Roll the dice - enter the digits as you see them - congrats! You can see
Other modes of operation are coming soon. See here.

Does Dice Captcha cost money?
The attributed version of Dice Captcha is 100% free to download and install under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. The non-attributed version costs just $9.90 per domain.

What do I get for $9.90?
You get the complete Dice Captcha suite free of any attribution links and approved for use on any private or commercial website or application.

Is Dice Captcha optimized for cross browser use?
Dice Captcha will work perfectly on all major browsers.

Can I use Dice Captcha for mobile or tablet computer applications?
Dice Captcha is optimized for use on mobile devices as well as on tablet computers.

There are two types of humans on earth - those that fill in Captchas so that they can download pictures of cats and life changing apps, and those that fill in Captchas to spam and steal other people's cat pictures. If you are of the later type you have at your disposal several approaches to defeating Captchas:

  • If you are a super-geek that communicates with machines in a language they understand (and I don't mean a sledgehammer) you can try and locate bugs and security holes in the code. Find a good one and you can probably simply bypass the Captcha altogether.
  • If you are a genius with way, way, way too much spare time you can try and write an amazing character recognition software. Given the level of sophistication of today's Captcha technology, such software will have to be at least as smart as a profoundly stupid human with half a brain and functioning eyes. This brings me to the third method which, unsurprisingly, is also the most popular.
  • Using VCHL (Very Cheap Human Labor) to manually fill in captchas on an industrial scale.

Dice Captcha was developed by a super-geek of Megaladon proportions. It is, thus, sound proof and will withstand to any known character recognition software. As for VCHL, well, if your content is worth so much that someone is willing to pay hoards of mechanical slaves to play with Dice Captcha, you might want to think about selling your company to Google. I can promise you, however, that if you choose the 'Homo-sapiens Dice' mode, it will slow down the mechanical turks to the point that most spammers and content hijackers will opt out.