Dice Captcha Demos

Dice Captcha is the proof that Turing was wrong – "A computer maybe as smart as a human, but it will never fully appreciate the pure fun of rolling a dice".

Here is a demo of Dice Captcha in action. I guess it speaks for itself:

Configuration: dice size:small; number:4; method:sum(sum of all dice)

Configuration: dice size:big; number:3; method:digits(dice numbers of all dice)

roll dice captcha Roll dice again
Enter digits:

Humans have played with dice for eons. The oldest dice set ever found is more than 50 centuries old and was part of a backgammon game set excavated in present day Iran. Other excavations further support the theory that dice games originated in Mesopotamia and migrated from there to India and China. Dice games are mentioned in the Old Testament as a game of skill enjoyed by kids and women. Dice games also became very popular in ancient Greece, from which they were passed to the Romans. The Romans were also the first to introduce laws against dice games. The Romans passed their passion for dice to the Germanic peoples who spread it across Europe where, during the middle ages, numerous dice games where invented. Dice games reached the new world with the first European settlers, and became one of the hallmarks of the Wild West. In the 20th century dice games became a major source of income for the American Mafia. In the 21st century dice games went digital and are now more popular than ever.

The Captcha was invented circa the year 2000, and is now hated by nearly every living soul in the known universe. Dice Captcha was invented circa 2010 and is based on 5000 years of experience.