Welcome to Dice Captcha – prove you're a fun human!

Dice captcha demo

Dice Captcha is a free image-based captcha that will protect your online forms from spammers without annoying your users.

I dare you to show me one person that doesn't hate Captchas. These annoying "prove you're a human" little buggers that now occupy every online form out there. We all detest them, but at the same time we also acknowledge their importance. Without them our precious websites would be easy pickings to the sub-human species lurching and lurking in cyberspace – spammers. So, Captchas, like intestinal bacteria, are ugly to look at and annoying to think about, but are necessary to maintain the health of our websites and keep the parasites away.

"But why? Why?" I ask, "must they be so user unfriendly and annoying?". "Well", I answer myself, "no reason they should". So I created Dice Captcha - a spammer repellant Captcha that is also a fun simple game.

Instead of near impossible to decipher characters that make you wish you weren't a human after all, with Dice Captcha you can now offer your users a dynamic and crystal clear roll-dice game.

Dice Captcha comes in two versions:
Homo-sapiens Dice
Roll the dice – enter the sum of the digits – congrats! You're a human
All-the-rest Dice
Roll the dice – enter the digits as you see them – congrats! You can see

Dice Captcha offers the following features:
  • Top grade protection against form spamming
  • 100% free to download and use
  • Easy to set-up
  • Extendable with skins and plugins
  • Configurable
  • Will fit to any webpage(mobile too)
  • Fun to use!
  • more

A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test designed to make sure that the responding entity is not a machine. It usually consists of a remote computer administrating a test that other computers are unable to solve. Thus, successfully solving the test is considered sufficient proof of being human. Since the vast majority of Captchas consist of entering randomly generated letters and/or numbers into a text field, Captchas are the ultimate proof that it doesn't really take much to be considered human.